What is Outdoor School?

Camp Yamhill Christian Outdoor School is an extension of Christian education that promotes the study of science and the Bible as one entity. The staff and curriculum combine to present an awesome God in all of the studies. The students interact with Christian adults and teens who exemplify Christian values and dedication to God. From the beginning to the close of the day, students have fun, experiencing outdoors in a Christian setting.

Camp Yamhill provides a beautiful outdoor classroom for students to examine the natural world through small group activities, referred to as Field Studies. Students expand their knowledge of plants, animals, soil, and water discovering the interdependence of these elements. Information regarding plants and animals is experienced through hikes, games, and interactive stations. The Yamhill River and camp pond become sites for experiments and activities that enhance learning about soil and water.

Students benefit from group interaction with their peers, both regular school classmates and new acquaintances. Autumn courses enable students to form bonds of friendship with classmates and to identify their group strengths early in the school term; spring courses promote closure to the successful sixth-grade experiences. Students enjoy small study group activities but also spend time with teachers in separate class times. New friendships form with other schools’ sixth-graders during field studies, challenge course events, daily duties and mealtimes.

Students develop interpersonal skills and are encouraged to express new ideas, assist with problem solving and contribute equally in all camp activities. Confidence and self-worth are established as they realize each individual’s perspective has value and every person plays an important role.

During a typical week, students from four to five sixth grade classes and home-schooled students are divided up into four groups of 18-20 per group. After a morning devotional, groups rotate to four Field Studies a day, accompanied by several parents and teachers. Unique to Camp Yamhill’s Outdoor School, the daily Field Study rotation incorporates Challenge Course elements led by certified instructors. Students develop skills of team building, self-confidence, clear communication, problem solving, and respect for other people. Additional activities include canoeing, campfire safety, backpack essentials; the day concludes with evening campfire fun and devotional worship.

For additional information, contact:
Program Director – Carol Davis
Phone – 360.887.8265
Email – thunderbird.ods@gmail.com