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2018 Year-end Fund Raising Campaign

2018 was a great year at Camp Yamhill. We were able to make many necessary repairs to the Challenge Course, add new benches to all of the cabins, clean and improve our trails and, very importantly, we held our first camp for 1st and 2nd graders, which was very successful.

As we end 2018 we see that there are still many things that need to be addressed with the campus. This year we are asking for your help to do some long neglected but much need repairs to the roofs of many of our buildings. Our 2 restrooms and 5 of our cabins have roofs that are original to the buildings and are badly in need of replacement. Our goal for this campaign will be to raise $30,000. While this will not be enough to complete the roofing project, this will allow to to begin the project in 2019 and cause minimal disruption to the normal camp operations. 

 Camp Yamhill has always been blessed with generous supporters who have seen the need to keep this Camp as a place where the love of God can be seen and shared in this beautiful environment. Your support has been vital our success and our supporters are a blessing from the Lord. Your support for this project will help us to continue to be good stewards of Camp and allow Camp Yamhill to continue to bless the Christians in the Northwest.

Camp Information

Located 7 miles west of Yamhill and forty-five miles from Portland, Camp Yamhill is a year-round event center hosting businesses, schools, government groups, non-profits, churches, and private organizations. Camp Yamhill’s facilities and 240 pristine acres can accommodate groups up to 270. Camp Yamhill also hosts a number of awesome summer camps and retreats. No matter who you are, there is a camp or retreat for you. Whether you’re on the challenge course, hiking the Trask Mountains, fishing, canoeing or just enjoying nature, Camp Yamhill is an ideal location to host your next event.