• Summer Camp 2016 at Camp Yamhill. Camps for kids from Elementary School, Middle School, Junior High, and High School


Camp Yamhill has begun a year-end fund-raising campaign to replace the old camp bunk mattresses. Most of the bunk mattresses that our campers sleep on when they come out to camp are older than the kids who sleep on them! Our goal is to raise $15000 which will finish the task of replacing the old mattresses with new bedding that have washable, bed bug proof covers. Please consider a gift to Camp Yamhill as we end the year 2017. (Simply click on the “Donate” button above and choose either a “one-time donation” or a “recurring donation”).


Located 7 miles west of Yamhill and forty-five miles from Portland, Camp Yamhill is a year-round event center hosting businesses, schools, government groups, non-profits, churches, and private organizations. Camp Yamhill’s facilities and 240 pristine acres can accommodate groups up to 300. Camp Yamhill also hosts a number of awesome summer camps and retreats. No matter who you are, there is a camp or retreat for you. Whether you’re on the challenge course, hiking the Trask Mountains, fishing, canoeing or just enjoying nature, Camp Yamhill is an ideal location to host your next event.