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Winter Retreat 2022 has been cancelled

Due to the continuing issues involving the coronavirus, the 2022 Winter Retreat has been cancelled.

The results of our matching campaign are still coming in!

Our 2021 Matching Campaign has been a huge success!

Matching Goal: $50,000

Current total: $73,963

Total donations including matching funds: $123,963

The goal of our matching campaign was to raise $50,000 dollars which would be matched by a generous donor, dollar for dollar. As of 12/31/2021, we have exceeded that goal. We have now raised a total of $73,963. Of that total, $66,898 has been donated to camp debt relief and $7,065 has been donated to camp improvement projects. That means, as of 12/31/2021, we will be able to pay $116,898 toward camp debt.

Camp Yamhill is very grateful to everyone who has donated to this project. The donations we have received from our friends and supporters have always allowed Camp to thrive. Reducing our debt will help Camp as we continue our mission of service to the church and young people of the Northwest.

We know that there are still people who would like to contribute to this campaign. Your continued support and donations will go even further in reducing our indebtedness and free Camp to use our resources in serving our Christian camp family.

Our original post about our matching campaign:

Camp Yamhill is very excited to announce a tremendous fund-raising campaign for 2021.

One very generous donor has offered to match every dollar raised this year, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $50,000. That means that if our other donors and supporters join us, we could raise a total of $100,000 by the beginning of 2022.

This anonymous donor has indicated that their primary concern is to reduce Camp debt. Over the years Camp has accumulated a debt of just over $200,000. Some of this debt resulted from adding a new house as a staff residence and some was caused by excess operating expenses from several year ago. Due to the sacrifice and generosity of our supporters, no additional debt was incurred during the pandemic, even though Camp was closed for much of 2020.  

All the money donated by our matching partner will go towards reducing Camp debt. Camp’s debt hampers our ability to accomplish our mission of service to the Christian children and families in the Northwest. We believe that reducing the debt will allow us to use those dollars to have a greater impact on our day-to-day operations. We encourage you to consider giving for debt relief. However, our matching donor is willing to match any gifts (up to the $50,000 limit) even for other Camp needs. For that reason, you will have the option of applying your donation to either Camp debt or toward a fund to make necessary improvements to Camp.

Among the improvement projects we are considering are:

  • New heaters for cabins (5)
  • Replace the deck at the lodge house
  • AV system for small lodge
  • Projector system for Davis lodge
  • Rubber floor mat for gaga pit
  • Replace decking on the top of the climbing tower
  • New roofs on two Camp residences
  • New platforms for challenge course
  • Replace flooring in small lodge
  • New canoe
  • Shed for 2 residences

Our supporters have always been the reason Camp has survived and prospered, especially through this coronavirus pandemic and Camp shutdown, now your money can have twice the impact. Our goal for 2021 is to raise $50,000. Every dollar you give will be matched so that the impact to Camp will be $100,000. This is an incredible opportunity for Camp and the need is great.

Please take advantage of our matching donor’s offer and help Camp like never before. If you send a check, please indicate that your gift is either for “Debt relief” or “Camp improvements.” If you give online, please use this link: https://campyamhill.org/donate/one-time-donations/ You will be able to indicate your preference by checking the appropriate box on the online giving portal. Camp has an opportunity to enter 2022 with a greatly reduced debt load and in a much better position to meet the challenging and uncertain times ahead, while continuing to be a place for Christians of the Northwest to come together in the name of Jesus.

2022 Sponsored Camp Schedule

Camp Information

Located 8 miles west of Yamhill and forty-five miles from Portland, Camp Yamhill is a year-round event center hosting businesses, schools, government groups, non-profits, churches, and private organizations. Camp Yamhill’s facilities and 240 pristine acres can accommodate groups up to 270. Camp Yamhill also hosts a number of awesome summer camps and retreats. No matter who you are, there is a camp or retreat for you. Whether you’re on the challenge course, hiking the Trask Mountains, fishing, canoeing or just enjoying nature, Camp Yamhill is an ideal location to host your next event.