Classroom Teacher and Home School Educator Information

Camp Yamhill is owned and operated by Northwest area churches of Christ. The Outdoor School program began in 2001 designed for Christian Schools and home schoolers.


Camp week is Tuesday – Friday during spring and fall with meals provided at lunch on Tuesday through lunch on Friday. Schools may also schedule combination 5th and 6th grade classes and individual students from home school situations (must be accompanied by an adult). Typically, 4 to 5 schools are scheduled for a camp week with a student total of up to 80 students.

What Camp Yamhill Provides for Outdoor School:

  1. Teacher Information Notebook – includes detailed letter, schedules, and copies of all paperwork.
  2. Parent Packets for each student – Letter, student health history form, clothing check-list, behavior code, Challenge Course Participant Agreement.
  3. Student Notebooks – Provided before camp week in 3 ring binder to augment and reinforce activities and provide needed information.
  4. School Adult Notebooks – In addition to classroom teachers, classes are accompanied by parents (on average 2 females, 2 males), all referred to as School Adults. Notebook provides schedules and expectations. Parents accompany students during all daily activities and chaperone students in cabins.

Outdoor School Cabin Facilities:

Separate boys and girls heated cabins with bathhouse in each area. Each cabin has a central living area with three rooms on each side, three to four bunk beds per room.

Outdoor School Volunteer Staff:

Members of the church of Christ in Washington and Oregon, seniors, youth leaders, teens.

Price of Attendance:

Fall – Spring:  Contact Camp for current pricing – office@campyamhill.org

For additional information, contact:
Program Director – Carol Davis
Phone – 360.887.8265
Email – thunderbird.ods@gmail.com