Dietary Policy

Special Dietary Policy

Camp Yamhill is a not-for-profit Christian ministry. Our goal is to keep costs reasonable and family oriented. The ability to control food costs is based on economy of scale, the ability to serve one meal option to many people.

As much as we want to be considerate of all dietary and allergy requests and enable everyone to come to camp, Camp Yamhill must express a limit of liability. Some requests are cost prohibitive and others are impossible due to the nature of our program and facilities.

We hope that all concerned campers and parents will appreciate our attempts to serve nutritious meals and accommodate dietary restrictions and choices as we work within our parameters.


Some of the more common allergies are allergies to peanuts and other tree nuts, gluten allergies and allergies to milk and dairy products. Some of these items are essential components of the meals served at Camp.

It is not possible for us to prepare separate meals for every special dietary need. However, we are prepared to meet special needs in the following ways:

1. Camp Yamhill offers a variety of menu options that allow campers to choose which items they prefer. Not all campers choose to include every menu item with their meals. Many meals will meet a camper’s dietary restrictions by simply choosing to exclude a menu item which might be a problem for the affected camper.

2. Camp Yamhill does not use peanuts or tree nuts in any of the food items we serve. However there are variables outside of our control. For example, it is possible that another camper may bring snacks or other food items that contain peanuts or tree nuts. Camp Yamhill cannot guarantee a peanut free environment.

3. Wheat flour contains gluten. Many of the items served at Camp contain wheat flour or other sources of gluten. The simplest and safest way to avoid the gluten in these items is to substitute the items containing gluten. For some meals that have a main component containing gluten (buns in hot dogs or hamburgers, spaghetti pasta or pizza crust) the Camp is willing to purchase and provide a gluten free replacement if given at least one month advance notice of the need for special accommodations. It is also possible for the kitchen to purchase and provide a gluten free snack or dessert.

As a result of wheat flour and other potential allergens being regularly used in the Camp kitchen, Camp Yamhill cannot guarantee that cross contamination will not occur.

4. Dairy allergies can be easily accommodated by avoiding dairy products. Camp provides rice milk and yogurt that is lactose free.

5. Another option for campers with special dietary needs is to supplement meals provided by Camp with food brought from home. The Camp’s kitchen is regulated by state and county health codes the same way restaurants are regulated. As a result of these stringent health codes it is not possible for the camp to store, refrigerate or prepare ANY food from an outside source. We are also prevented from allowing our equipment to be used in the preparation of food from outside sources.

Camp Yamhill does provide separate storage, refrigeration and microwaves for campers who wish to supplement meals. Please give the Camp adequate notice so that space can be made available for your needs.


Most meals have either a salad or fruit component and breakfast always includes oatmeal. Many of the other meals can become vegetarian by simply choosing to avoid the meat component or by the camper substituting a non meat item.

Camp Yamhill is unable to accommodate vegan diets except within the guidelines stated in this dietary policy.


Camp Yamhill will make menus for each camp  available in advance so that campers will be able to determine if there are concerns that need to be addressed and if substitutions need to be made.

Camp Yamhill cannot guarantee a camper’s dietary restrictions will be met. Our kitchen staff will make every reasonable effort, within the guidelines of our Special Dietary Policy, to help campers who have dietary restrictions. Ultimately, it is the camper’s responsibility to see that their dietary needs are met.

In regards to special dietary needs, it is our goal for everyone to have the opportunity to come to camp and enjoy their experience without feeling singled out, embarrassed or sick. It is the purpose of this policy to accomplish these goals with reasonable family oriented service and pricing. However, due to the high cost of providing for special dietary needs it is necessary to place a surcharge on meals where the Camp is providing substitutions. If a camper chooses a gluten free menu for the week (example, gluten free buns, spaghetti pasta, pizza and desserts) there will be an additional charge of $2.50 per meal.

Campers with special dietary needs must make plans in advance with the Kitchen Manager. Because of the remote location of the Camp and the uncertain availability of some special dietary items, campers must notify and discuss special dietary needs at least one month prior to date of arrival. With this advance notice and discussion Camp Yamhill is usually able to accommodate the camper’s needs. If notification and discussion with the Kitchen Manager does not occur within this timeframe the Camp will not be able to accommodate the camper’s needs. If you have questions about the Special Dietary Policy, would like to notify us about a camper’s needs or if you wish to receive a menu for a camp you will be attending you can contact the Kitchen Manager at .