Outdoor School

Camp Yamhill Christian Outdoor School is a four-day sixth grade environmental science program that credits God as the Creator. The goal is that by spending time in nature, each student and adult becomes closer to God by experiencing firsthand the beauty, care, and love God invested in our awesome world. As a result, students recognize man’s partnership with God to preserve and protect plant and animal species and habitat. Students identify themselves as an important part in maintaining Pacific Northwest resources. They learn that they must make a conscious choice to explore solutions to help manage, care for, and respect our living environment.

What is Camp Yamhill Outdoor School?

Camp Yamhill Christian Outdoor School is an experience that acknowledges the fact that to study environmental science is to study the character of God.

Volunteers for Camp Yamhill Outdoor School

Outdoor School students truly enjoy and appreciate those who are able to spend a special week with them. The thanks, hugs, and smiles make the camp experience rewarding.

Outdoor School Teachers & Educators

Camp Yamhill Outdoor School is designed to enhance and compliment Christian School and Home School science programs.

When is Camp Yamhill Outdoor School?

Outdoor School is scheduled in the fall and spring to coordinate with the school calendar year.  Weeks are scheduled in April, May, September and October, adding weeks as necessary.

Camp Location:  Approximately 20 miles west of Newberg, Oregon.

For additional information, contact:
Program Director – Carol Davis
Phone – 360.887.8265
Email – thunderbird.ods@gmail.com