Escape Room

The newest addition to Camp Yamhill is an Escape Room! Your group can know the thrill of working together to unlock the secrets hidden throughout the room. The Escape Room takes about one hour for groups of 10. The Escape Room develops communication and team building as you work together to solve the puzzle. The Escape Room can be included as one element of your Challenge Course experience. 

Share the experience of the brave pioneers who made the trek to Oregon in our newest adventure, “Escape To The Oregon Territory.”


The Oregon Territory was settled by brave pioneers who came across the Oregon Trail in covered wagons in the last half of the 19th century. Friends, families and strangers all traveled together in wagon trains stretching for miles across the great plains, fording rain-swollen rivers, ascending and descending the mighty Rocky Mountains only to struggle up and down the steep terrain of the Blue and Cascade Mountain ranges. After six months on the trail, they finally faced Mt. Hood where they had to decide whether to risk possible drowning in the raging waters of the Columbia River or becoming snowbound and possibly starving or freezing to death on the Barlow Toll Road around Mt. Hood. Many never made it all the way to Oregon. Some died of cholera or other diseases and were buried along the Trail. Some died of accidents when buffalo stampeded or guns accidentally fired or wagons ran over them. Some tried alternative, unmarked trails that were reported to be shorter, only to find the terrain so difficult that it ended up taking more time than if they had followed the original Trail. Overwhelmed, some gave up and turned back. Those who made it all the way to Oregon City were rewarded with one square mile of free land in the beautiful Willamette Valley.
In “Escape to the Oregon Territory” you will have the opportunity to make your own trek across this replica trail. Inside the Escape Room you will find several clues that will help you obtain the keys or combinations to various locks that will eventually open the door to begin your trek across the Trail.
Throughout this adventure you will need to find clues to help you find your way. Some will be more obvious than others and some will not be helpful at all, resembling the misleading efforts of certain trail scouts that ended in disastrous results.
You will have one hour to attempt to find your way across the Trail and obtain your Donation Land Claim Certificate.