Challenge Course at Camp Yamhill

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The Challenge Course at Camp Yamhill features over 30 “Choose Your Challenge” activities to fit any group’s needs. Challenge Course activities are designed to improve the performance of a group through teamwork and individual problem solving.



Building trust on the high elements of Camp Yamhill's Challenge Course

What is a Challenge Course?

Most take the form of activities designed to improve the performance of a group through teamwork and individual problem solving. The concept has attained national prominence with the growing awareness of how teamwork, leadership, and personal character impact an organization’s success.

What makes Camp Yamhill the best choice in Challenge courses?

Our Challenge Course is acclaimed for its vast variety of offerings, convenient, beautiful setting, and highly skilled engaging leaders. With modern, expansive facilities, we can accommodate groups of any size year-round. And of course, our group and custom packages are highly competitive, providing an exceptional group experience for an excellent value.

Camp Yamhill Challenge Course has been the challenge choice for thousands conducting orientations, team building programs, school programs, curriculum, trust-building workshops, and more. Make it yours!

30 Unique Challenges. Countless Possibilities.

Challenge Course offerings are as diverse as the great outdoors. As one of the largest ropes courses in the Northwest, our challenge course provides a range of opportunities for school students through adults and appeals to different cultures and participants of all abilities. Canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking trails, and more than 15 “low elements” ensures there’s plenty to challenge and thrill participants of all skill levels. There are more than 15 “high” elements, including a 60-foot high rock-climbing tower, and a 900-foot long Zip Line. More than 30 total elements provide the flexibility to meet all abilities and a wide range of group goals.

The activities challenge individual and group expectations and boundaries, while setting the stage to explore the issues surrounding them. As you scramble up ropes, scale trees, and repel down walls surprising things happen. Their own “walls” fall away as participants learn to trust themselves and one another. Even if you don’t opt for the 65-foot high Zip Line, soaring self-esteem is a sure outcome. In fact, you can choose from over 30 unique challenges to suit all abilities, providing object lessons in many different areas:

  • Trust
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork and Cooperation

Custom Challenge Course Programs

At no additional charge, our Challenge Course representative will prepare a program tailored to your group’s needs, including activities, facilities, and staffing.

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High Elements: